2.3. Installation


If you do not plan to modify the AFF3CT source code and you want to use the simulator/library as is, you can download one of the latest builds from the download page of the AFF3CT website and skip this section.

Once AFF3CT has been compiled, it is possible (not mandatory) to install it on your system. On Unix-like systems, traditionally, the fresh build is installed in the /usr/local directory (this is the CMake default installation path). This location can be changed by setting the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX built-in variable with an other path. For instance, to install AFF3CT in the current build:

cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="install"

This command do not install AFF3CT. It only prepares the project to be installed in the selected location.

2.3.1. Makefile Project

To install AFF3CT, call the install target on the current Makefile:

make install


Depending on the chosen CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX location, the administrator privileges (sudo) can be required.

2.3.2. Visual Studio Solution

In case of a Visual Studio Solution, an INSTALL project is defined and ensures the installation when triggered. This can be done from the Visual Studio IDE or from the command line after calling the %VS_PATH%\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvars64.bat batch script (where %VS_PATH% is the location of Visual Studio on your system):

devenv /build Release aff3ct.sln /project INSTALL

2.3.3. Details

The installed package is organized as follow:

  • bin/

    • aff3ct-M.m.p/ contains the AFF3CT executable binary.
  • include/

    • aff3ct-M.m.p/ contains all the includes required by AFF3CT.
  • lib/

    • aff3ct-M.m.p/ contains the AFF3CT library.

    • cmake/

      • aff3ct-M.m.p/ contains the CMake configuration files required to link with AFF3CT.
  • share/

    • aff3ct-M.m.p

      • conf/ contains some input files to configure the AFF3CT simulator.
      • refs/ many results from AFF3CT simulations.

M stands for the major number of the version, m the minor number and p the id of the last patch.