LDPC Puncturer parameters --pct-fra-size, -N Required

Examples:--pct-fra-size 912

Set the frame size \(N\). This is not necessarily the codeword size if a puncturing pattern is used. --pct-type

Allowed values:LDPC NO
Examples:--pct-type LDPC

Select the puncturer type.

Description of the allowed values:

Value Description
NO Disable the puncturer.
LDPC Puncture the LDPC codeword. --pct-pattern

Type:binary vector
Examples:--pct-pattern "1,1,1,0"

Give the puncturing pattern following the LDPC code.

The number \(P\) of values given in this pattern must be as \(N_{cw} = P \times Z\) where \(Z\) is the number of bits represented by a single value in the pattern.

This LDPC puncturer behavior is such as, for the above example, the first three quarter bits are kept and the last quarter is removed from the frame.