3.2.10. Terminal parameters

The terminal is an observer module that reads and display the monitor informations in real time. The terminal displays two types of results: intermediate results and final results. The intermediate results are printed on the error output during the simulation of a noise point and refreshed at a defined frequency (see the --ter-freq parameter). On the other hand, the final results are printed on the standard output once the simulation of the noise point is over. --ter-type

Allowed values:STD
Examples:--ter-type STD

Select the terminal type (the format to display the results).

Description of the allowed values:

Value Description
STD Select the standard format.


For more details on the standard output format see the Output section). --ter-freq

Examples:--ter-freq 1

Set the display frequency (refresh time) of the intermediate results in milliseconds. Setting 0 disables the display of the intermediate results.


When MPI is enabled, this value is by default set to the same value than the --mnt-mpi-comm-freq parameter. --ter-no

Disable completely the terminal report. --ter-sigma

Show the standard deviation (\(\sigma\)) of the Gaussian/Normal distribution in the terminal.


Work only if the --sim-noise-type, -E parameter is set to EBN0 or ESNO.